HOW I CAME to a BUDDHIST-LIKE POINT OF VIEW (or an "our actions and our sonen innermost attitude, at the spiritual level is what matters; nothing else")

In ancient days, we humans thought we ought to sacrifice animals—cosmic barter—but isn't that silly since EVERYTHING and especially every ALIVE THING comes already from God, so who are we to offer such BACK TO GOD in any meaningful way? It seems to me all that we can truly offer to God is our ACTIONS. He provides all else.

God knows. He gives life. He takes it away. As needed and according to a Plan I in my puniness cannot comprehend. Therefore it is all good. Judgment on its machinations or outcomes is silly. In utter understanding that I was made by God and am but a small aspect of him, it is of no consequence whether I live, or die, have this, that, or the other. Only that I live this particular life to its fullest expression of the highest aspect of God as I can understand that dynamic, which is from the point of
• love
• compassion
• acts of good will
• expression of my particular talents
• gratitude
• and sharing all of the above with my fellow humans

In that spirit, here are some of my photographs.

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