Market House Footprint
An opportunity to reflect on the impermanence of all things and the evolution of a city's built space in which the footprint of the 1897 Market House, which was once central to life in Knoxville, Tennessee, is delineated.
I wanted to bring it back symbolically so Knoxvillians could feel a part of something meaningful, in the way only historical artifacts and information can impart.
“The fact that it was here and took up this exact space as marked by this footprint” was my basic concept. On the next level, I wanted the viewers to long for public space of an unadulterated kind, which is scarce in our corporate-engineered world today. The materials were brick and roofing paper. Those who recall Market House, razed in 1960, mourn the absence of true public space, share their memories, and start to heal. Those who never knew of it play amongst the bricks.