Inequality Matters Poster Exhibit
The Downtown Gallery of Art, University of Tennessee's downtown art gallery in Knoxville, Tennessee
It started with an AIGA website initiative and online show that anyone could enter to illustrate the findings of the United Nations Human Development Report. Our grad class made it into a collaborative exhibit, selecting from the pool of posters online, including a few of our own. After the exhibit, it traveled to the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church youth group, where two of us led a workshop on creating posters of protest.

I looked for the presence of the spiritual, the social, and the aesthetic.
From the hundred or so posters available, I chose the ones in which
• my expectations were foiled
• neither image nor text worked without the other
• I felt a bit of a shock
• hierarchy and contrast are used well
• the metaphors/comparisons hit me in the solar plexus
• brazen humanness shines out the truth
For the final selection in which all three of us put our opinions together, I looked to hold the common good: to have as many individual expressions represented as possible with little duplication in either topic or stylistic approach. Choosing from my own three poster designs, my choice of one poster to display reflected this “common good” criteria.

I chose a lovely mother bird image
stylistically from the gentler century, of wood-engraving tradition, building her nest for her young from the truth of conflict, from which there is no escape, which we can only hope to balm and pacify with our constant efforts to love

I love humanness in all its frailty
and its get-up-off-the-floor-and-try-again-ness

a good design can
interrupt (conditioned responses)
disrupt (habitual cycles)
wake us up (to possibility)

just long enough (slow down! slow down!) to

reflect, immerse, realize, discover

(have a simultaneous private experience
a "greater good" vision)

participate in something outside of our shell-skins
celebrate our woundedness, just as we are
join together in beloved community

we then can create boldly, commit to action! nurture each other with our good works!

...never forgetting to feed our souls with the balm of truth:
if we were free from fear
we would love our brothers and sisters likethere’snotomorrow