Public Art Project: Positive Messaging
Non-commercial messages are interspersed with commercial ones on the University of Tennessee Thompson-Boling sports arena electronic message board.
What has been lost as American societies “progress?” With the vanishing of the town square, the suburban shopping mall emerged. Human need for commerce was fulfilled, but how about needs for social and civic discourse? Some would say the internet is the new virtual town square. But we are also creatures of our neighborhoods and city centers and we seek out ways to talk and be listened to regarding life’s deeper issues in these geographical, physical venues. Ideally, we feel that we belong to our “place” and it in turn acknowledges the gift of our presence. Our televisions and radios nearly always broadcast dramas of a dark kind in our cars and homes at lightning speed. News of human triumphs are rarely cited, and this lack of reflective space and positive content harms our psyches and communities. These messages can inspire us by engaging our intelligence and natural inquisitiveness, and allow us to ponder—in a positive way—the nature of our connectedness and responsiblitiy to each other and our communities.

The messages:
• be encouraged
• love can heal all wounds
• embrace aging
• let beauty overcome you
• take a moment
• peace on earth
• the only universal constant is change
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